Nicola was born in Verona, Italy, and has been living abroad for many years since he was 20. He believes it was the best decision that he has made, to see the world and live life to the fullest. Nicola’s love for photography came from his father. His father taught him a lot about medium and techniques, and how to use a darkroom. It was the period with the beginning of color negative films and printings, but at that time most photographers still preferred the black-and-white images. Less is more, they believed.

After Art School, he took courses with some established photographers in Italy to further enhance his knowledge in photography, mainly in studio lighting and reportage. However, Nicola’s never-ending passion is for street and documentary photography. He loves to interact with people and one can see the presence of people in most of his works. He likes to observe the surrounding, freezing a moment,  and find the story behind his lenses, in the most natural and respectable way. He is always curious and photography has become part of his journey to see the world.

Nicola has been living for many years in the Canary Islands, the Middle East, England, and Singapore. He believes that when one takes time to travel or live in a place, one is better at getting to know the places, cultures, arts, and people. To him, traveling just for the sake of traveling, taking a lot of postcard pictures, and spending an only minimal day in one place, won’t enrich one’s life. 

Some of Nicola’s works so far:

  • Speed Queen Disco Club – Leeds, UK
  • Rehab Disco Club – Leeds, UK
  • Fashion show in University of Huddersfield – UK
  • Published in Speedway Magazine, Yorkshire evening post – Leeds, UK
  • Hervit Italia Verona – Italy
  • Photography workshop for small groups or individuals (portraits, reportage, traveling, street photography) – Singapore


Cinque Terre (370) (1)aDescribed by friends as sweet, outgoing and adventurous, Intan was born and raised in Singapore. Her father, a retired Army staff sergeant, was a hardworking man who never failed to provide everything for his family. He made sure that there was food on the table, and the children completed their studies, no matter how hard life was. Intan’s mother, a proud Johorean, on the other hand, is a full-time housewife who did everything she can to take good care of the family.

Life was not easy back then. With her own initiative and creativity, Intan’s mother taught the children arts, handicrafts, designing and sewing clothes during the festive season, and cooking. Intan remembers fondly her mother’s cooking an array of cuisines growing up and recalls the unique aroma of anchovies, sambal, and coconut milk as ‘Nasi Lemak’ was prepared for selling at the wee hours.  Intan believes that she inherited her taste for creativity from her mother. Intan was an active writer covering poems and short stories in the Malay language during her teenage years to mid-twenties.  Some works were published in the national paper (Berita Harian) and local magazines.

Intan’s background is in Human Resource and Psychology. She believes in lifelong learning and puts a lot of interest in human behaviour and psychology. Besides traveling, she loves reading, painting, hiking, photography, and riding motorcycles. Intan has been traveling to more than 30 countries. To her, travel has broadened her mind and it has completely changed her life in a positive way. By traveling, she meets people that make her see life in a different way. She grows, she experiences, she learnt, and she appreciates life as it is. 

Life is Beautiful!



Our blogs showcase both of our travel views, life philosophy, photography works, creativity, ideas, moods, and writings. Each of us deserved something precious… Love Beautifully.


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